About Us

Beyond Heaven is the only DMC for Ladakh sector based in Mumbai (Destination Management Company) .Since its inception, the company with an experience of 13 years has established a reputation for itself as a supplier of quality holidays in Ladakh.

We are the preferred sales agents of all the top most hotels in Leh. We have one of the best land arrangements & logistic support in Leh.

In the past 13 years we have conducted numerous successive tours to Ladakh and have 100% client satisfaction record which is a great feat in hospitality industry.

when a client books a holiday, the most important thing that he gives is not their money but the valuable time from their busy schedule which they want to be converted into Memorable Moments that they can cherish forever in their life. - Beyond Heaven

Apart from conducting successful tours for many individuals and families, we have also catered to various associations & corporate: